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Dabangg 3 Movie First Day (1st day) Box Office Collection

Dabangg 3 Movie First Day (1st day) Box Office Collection:- Dabangg 3 is prequel of Dabangg being directed by Abhinav Kashyap and produced by Arbaaz Khan. This movie will be featuring one of the top movie starts who have given tons of blockbusters in Bollywood, none other than Salman Khan.

Salaman Khan has always been a a top start in this industry from more than 20 years and each and every movie of his, gets great rewards as people come and watch his movies like crazy.

And Dabangg 3 is another movie after Tubelight (will be released this year) which will amaze audience in theaters and it is also the most awaited movie of Salman Khan from last 1 year.

Dabangg 3 Movie 1st day Box Office Collection
Dabangg 3 Movie 1st day Box Office Collection

Although, He has given super duper hits like Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, but Dabangg 3 remains the most awaited movie because of the fact movie has already built a big fan base due to previous parts doing very well.

So, that's why Dabangg 3 first day box office collections might go up to 40-45 crores, which is just the expectations, the real collection will be available after the movie get released and showed in theaters.

Dabangg 3 Movie 1st day (First Day) Box Office Collection

The talk of the movie started in 2013, when Arbaaz Khan was expected to come up with part 3 of the movie, although it was not confirmed till 2014, durign the promotions of dolly ki doli, when they announced that Dabangg 3 will come and hit theaters soon.

Although the shooting was postponed due to Salman Khan's another movie Sultan and now, Dabangg three is expected to be released during January 2018.

At first Arbaaz Khan was set to play triple role as he was the director, Producer and also plays a crucial role int he movie as actor, but later on in 2015 he confirmed that it is difficult for him to take up 3 roles, so he might not direct Dabangg 3 and instead of him, Abhinav Kashyap will direct the movie.

After this was deciding, it was turn to know which actress will be in lead role, In August 2016, Arbaaz confirmed that Sonakshi Sinha will be in the lead role in the movie and there will be another actress who will play crucial role in the movie.

Dabangg 3 First Day Box Office Collection
Dabangg 3 First Day Box Office Collection

And if we believe the news, Kajol was approached to play that role, but she rejected saying that the role was not powerful as compared to Salaman Khan's role in the movie.

So, it is still to known that who will play that role in Dabangg 3, but whoever plays, it will be a good high entertaining movie.

And that's why we can expect 40-45 crores (prediction) as Dabangg 3 box office collection as people are already ready to book tickets, if you allow them to book now, you will see first 2-3 days will be fully booked, that's how people are waiting for this amazing movie.

Perfect Predictions of Dabangg 3 Movie First Day (1st day) Box Office Collection:-

We have already said that the story will be entertaining, as it gets started from the previous story when Inspector Chulbul Pandey (role played by Salman Khan) was in charge of a police station in Kanpur with his wife Rajjo (role played by Sonakshi Sinha) his beloved brother Makkhi (role played by Arbaaz Khan) and of course his step father (role played by Vinod Khanna). A boy gets kidnapped and Chulbul (Salman Khan) is dealing with the problem nnd then the story will continue with that making this movie a worth watch for all the Salman Khan fans as well as people who love entertaining films.

So, as we have said, it is expected that this movie will earn 40-45 crores on first day of release and overall it could be another movie that can earn 300+ crores and experts are even backing it to be around 500-600 crore movie, which can easily be possible, with the stardom of Salman Khan.

And also we know that people in India love watching movies that are Cop based and are thrillers and Dabangg 3 is surely a thriller with so much of fun, romance and of course the Salman Khan touch.

We all like watching Salman acting in his own way, he makes scene classic as he doe snot copy or try to make roles the real, instead he just do acting his own way, which makes all his movies totally different.

So you can easily guess that Dabangg 3 will be one of those different, classic movies which we all love watching in theaters, not once but multiple times.

So, stay tuned for overall Dabangg 3 box office collection as well as 1st day box office collection.


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